Australian Giant Crocodile Photo Surfaces: A Fake or a Real-Life Monster?

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An enormous crocodile has been caught on film jumping up into the air next to a tour boat. Suffice it to say, the tourists look pretty calm considering there is an 18-foot crocodile in what appears to be inches away their faces. That boat should have been tipping to the other side.

Is this photo that was taken by a tourist on the boat a fake, or is it truly an authentic photo of an Australian giant crocodile that greets tourists when summoned by a big slab of meat on a stick?

According to the tour guide, the crocodile has a name that fits its gigantic size—Brutus. Brutus has only three legs due to a previous tangle with a shark and is said to be 80 years old. How long has Brutus been doing this trick?

There is no doubt that the Adelaide River in Australia is home to many a salt-water crocodile. But, are there any crocodiles this large that will practically jump up and do everything but smile for the camera when called on?

The photographer and the boat company are claiming that the Australian giant crocodile is real. What do you think?

The tourist who took the picture exclaimed, “I wasn’t expecting anything like this. I couldn’t believe how close it got to us. If you had put your hand out, you would have been able to touch it—if you’d dared.”

Or perhaps lost a hand and been like Brutus.

??Giant crocodile Brutus jumps from Adelaide River

Photo Source: TNT

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