Australian wildfires claim over 80 lives- burned alive.

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It's not nice to think about. Australia is of course in the southern hemisphere of planet Earth, so they are in mid-summer now. The temperatures this year are unbelievably hot, and there is no rain. In the state of Victoria, up in northern Australia, they have flooding, but that water is hundreds of miles from south Australia where the water is needed.

Yesterday several wildfires roared through rural areas. 600 homes were burned to the ground. People trying to escape in cars were caught by fast moving firestorms and burned to death IN their cars. At least 80 people died, and they will raise that estimate as they find more cars with bodies. It was horrific, traumatic, the worst wildfires in over 25 years. Fires continue to rage today, though temperatures are down from their peak of around 115 degrees fahrenheit. In the past few weeks several dozen people have died from heat realated ailments, in addition to the fire deaths.

Some people will ask if this is related to climate change, and the answer is maybe. The Australian drought has limped along for ten years now. No there is no end in sight. It could of course end tomorrow, or it could last another ten years. One lesson to draw from this is that climate change has a real potential to cause horrific bad things to happen. If your traditional question is "what's the worst that could happen", well, look no farther.  Here it is.

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