Author of How To Be A Pedophile Book Arrested

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Now why did it take so long to arrest the man who wrote the ugliest “how to” book ever? Phillip R. Greaves II was arrested today for writing “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct.” What’s really shocking is that this guide to pedophilia topped Amazon’s top 100 bestsellers list.

Now donÂ’t get too upset at Amazon, they eventually banned the book following customer and media pressure but maybe Amazon should have pulled it before people started to complain. reported that the author, Phillip R. Greaves II, was arrested today in Colorado by Florida and Colorado officials for violation of obscenity laws. Well, thatÂ’s a real surprise.

The Polk County SheriffÂ’s Office arrested the man and charged him with third-degree felony charges. This could lead to a 30-year prison term in Florida.

Grady Judd, the sheriff of Polk County, told FloridaÂ’s News 13 that detectives have been investigating the case. They researched it and received a copy of the book. This helped lead to GreavesÂ’ arrest.

“He wrote this book specifically to teach people how to molest and rape children,” Judd said. “You cannot engage in or depict children in a harmful light.”

Greaves was in Colorado at the time of his arrest and can be back in Polk County, Florida as soon as today.

ItÂ’s truly amazing that someone could write a book on how to be a pedophile and actually publish it. What makes this whole situation terrifying is that it topped the Amazon 100 bestsellers list and Amazon allowed it to stay until they started to get complaints. ItÂ’s true that Amazon might not have been aware of the book but why donÂ’t they check on the titles of the books on their top 100 list?

In the meantime, this pedophile, Phillip R. Greaves II, should be thrown in jail for a nice long stay. The police should also try to find some of the people who bought the book because chances are theyÂ’re pedophiles too.

It should be noted that Greaves states that he is not a pedophile. Yeah, sure.

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