Author- Open Season or Free Pass?

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**Warning there are a few dirty words contained further down in the post for those easily offended.**


I don’t believe authors have or should have some magical shield protecting them from whatever they chose to write.

Do I think authors should get attacked over their writing for the most? No. Hell No. I’ve posted about this. Posted about how no review should ever tell an author they SHOULD NEVER WRITE ANOTHER WORD. Should not call them stupid, or speak of them, directly in any regards.

It should speak of their story.

Want to write a toe sucking vampire BDSM tale where he/she and twelve others get bajiggidity while fairy unicorns fly overheard sprinkling pixie dust over everyone? Knock yourself out, and no I don’t think nasty reviews about the author as person should come out.

It’s fiction. What’s a fit fun read for one, won’t be for another.


You come out and write complete off-the-wall shit or crap that could potentially have disastrous effects.


(Definition of potential:


There was an author who wrote

a ‘How To’ book on grooming kids for sex. Yes, he basically wrote a book for pedophiles. So are we as a society, not to think of the author who wrote such immoral but apparently legal garbage but instead only about the written instructions he gave?

I call bullshit.

What brought all this up you ask? This posting/review:


Had this been tongue in cheek fun…one thing. Apparently, it is not. I have not read the book but reading the reviews and conversations about, it is more a Pu_ _y Power (the books words not mine) kind of thing. P_$$y can buy you a house, or get you diamonds. Read the above review, comments and quotes and decide for yourself. Not sure if it mentions how the P_$$y can also grant you lots of children and sadly, sometimes, no baby daddies.

But right now it isn’t the book that has my tail feathers ruffled. I haven’t read it. Maybe there are some underlining points. Maybe she/he wrote it for a reason. It’s not my call to make. There are tons of women who live by the ‘Power of the Pu$$y’. As there are tons of women buying this book and raving about it.

My issue is the authors who think no one should dare write a review speaking of them as a person, regardless of what they’ve written. That you can write (and yes, the pedophile example was given and even then they declared you still shouldn’t speak of the author, only the book) whatever and no one should dare think of YOU or SPEAK of you, as a person.


(Again, let me make this clear. I’m not speaking of bad grammar, because hello you could have field day with me. Or even of stories that plain weren’t your cup of tea.)

Weigh in on this apparently heavy subject.

What are your thoughts?



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