Autobiography (Saturday Writing Essential) – The White Rose of Athens

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Long ago…far away…

in another time and place,

a spark was lit

and we embraced.

I called you friend,

we shared a path

we pledged our love…

ever it would last.

You went away…

too soon you were gone

so dashingly handsome in your uniform.

You spoke of marriage and shared a dream

And yet…

maybe not all was as it seemed

I sent my love and thoughts…

My dreams across the ocean,

reached you as volumes, of rich emotion.

Symphonies of melody and chords

shared through pages of written words.

And then,

of a sudden it just seemed

No word from you…

was it just a dream?

My heart was shattered….

feeling your absence

As our song played on…

The White Rose of Athens


In memory of R. W. (April 9, 1937 – April 7, 2012)

Wisps of my youth are forever woven into my memories of you…



This Week’s Saturday Challenge:

To write a poem that reveals bits and pieces of yourself. Much like an autobiography.



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