Automakers get their bailout. Who is next? My money on the airlines.

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Automakers got their their bailout. Who is next? Wait, you don't think this thing is over, do you? I don't mean the economic crisis, but the bailouts. You know we will be bailout somebody.

The question is not if, or even when, but who? When? Very soon. A week or two. Most likely before Obama takes over. Put it on all the bailouts under Bush, for the records. History will retain that under Bush, we bought the banks, gave money to automakers and tell them how to handle their toxic businesses.

Who is next? I have my money on airlines company. The rationale of my guess was guided by "who is too big too fail" since it is the logic congress is using these days. We all have to fly. Imagine the country without American Airlies, Delta, Jet Blue, and co overnight. Let's call them the big five by adding United and US Airways.

I have one advice for airline executives. Ask for 50 billion, 10 billion each. You will get 30. Blame whatever union your workers belong too. Seize the occasion to cut their wages, which will save you a lot of money down the road. Oh, since you are airline execs, don't fly to Washington, take the train instead. Because if you do, and fly first class, they will blame you. Rent a GM car while you are at it and make sure to make a note of it during your depositions. You know, helping the car rental industry, which uses many American cars therefore helping the big 3. You guys are better at this shenanigan than I am. The media will carry water for you, and the people that matter, voters, will eat it up.

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