Autopsy Of Sea World Trainer Killed

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Dawn Brancheau, 40, who was killed in yesterdays Killer Whale, Tillicum (or Shamu), attack at SeaWorld Orlando has been the subject of many different stories of what happened. Now county medical examiner says was “most likely died from multiple traumatic injuries and drowning after one of the park’s killer whales pulled her into a pool behind Shamu Stadium,” This indicated she was dragged into deep water “when the animal grabbed her by the hair” said to be in a long ponytail, “and pulled her underwater.” 

Rescuers were not  able to reach Brancheau in time because of the 12,000 lb Bull Killer Whale aggressive nature. She was recovered by Sea World staff members after the Orca was coaxed into a smaller pool and lifted out of the water by a large platform on the bottom of the tank.




This is not the first time this whale has killed a person

In 1999 it was the same Shamu, who was responsible for the death of 27 year old Daniel Dukes, who had gotten into Orlando SeaWorld after the park was closed and ended up naked and dead on Tillicum’s back. Sea World official tried to make it sound nicer and said the apparent he was a victim of “horseplay” by this same Killer Whale. Orange County Sheriff’s Offices said the man took off his clothes and climbed into the tank. The whale is not worked with people actually in the tank so he was totally not used to a human presence in the water and had no idea what it was….. so said Sea World Officials. 

In 1991 at Sea Land Marine Park Victoria in British Columbia, Tillikum and two other whales Were responsible for the drowning of a trainer The trainer fell into the whale tank and was dragged underwater as park visitors watched. 









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