Autumn Pasquale Murder Case Follows Jessica Ridgeway Case: Prosecutors Want Suspects Tried as Adults

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The Autumn Pasquale murder case mirrors the Jessica Ridgeway case in a number of ways, including the fact that the juvenile suspects in both murder victims’ cases are going to be tried as adults if the prosecutors have anything to say about it.

Gloucester County Prosecutors announced on Thursday that they are seeking to have Justin Robinson, 15, and his brother Donte Robinson, 17, tried as adults in the Pasquale murder case according to the Jersey Journal. Superior Court Judge Colleen A. Maier will be responsible for making the decision upon receipt of the juvenile waiver when it is filed.

The parents of Autumn Pasquale were pushing for the alleged murderers of their daughter to be tried as adults, and especially abhorrent to the parents was the way the youth disposed of their precious one’s body, leaving it in a recycling bin on trash pickup day in the community both suspects and victim shared.

Just hearing that the prosecutor plans to pursue the same course of action the family of Jessica Ridgeway received can be a small measure of comfort for them right now.

Crossed GavelsThe waiver will not be filed for one to two weeks, which means the waiver hearing could be held before Thanksgiving holidays, giving the Pasquale family something from the terrible events to be thankful about, if the judge rules in the victim and prosecution’s favor.

And with the horrible crime preceding two of the most family-oriented holidays of the year they need anything good they can get.

Prosecutor Sean Dalton needs a victory in the legal portion of the case, too, in order to help reduce tensions after Autumn’s parents sought an investigation into why it took so long to locate their missing loved one when she was in the very community in which she lived.

Hopefully Judge Maier will be on the same page as the Jessica Ridgeway juvenile waiver hearing judge was in that case, and two families can feel justice will be served for their dead loved ones in the end.

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