Autumn's Kiss — a photo essay

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Autumn is a lover, slipping quietly into the room.  

A gentle touch, a hint of fragrance signals “I am here.”




Autumn is a teaser, golden highlights banishing gloom

While gusts of chilly air warn, “Winter is near.” 





Autumn kisses what is green with lips of red and gold

And fiery orange to warm your heart and eyes.







Autumn deepens the embrace, painting the landscape to hold

You closer. A clear blue covering beckons from the skies. 









Autumn wraps around the senses, filling, tempting all

With tastes of Summer’s end and toasts to coming days. 








Wood-fire scent, crunching leaves, cider’s tang say “Fall 

In love with Autumn” ‘til snow comes to herald Winter’s stay.





 © 2007 Mary Beth Magee

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