Avatar passes Titanic as the domestic box office leader

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James Cameron‘s “Avatar” has just sailed past his blockbuster, “Titanic,” and is now the No. 1 movie on the all-timedomestic box office chart. And this all happened on it’s 47th day of release.

“Avatar” hit $601.1 million domestically on Tuesday, just putting it at a fraction above $600.8 million for “Titanic.”

Last week, Cameron’s epic sci-fi film shattered the global box office with $ 2 billion worldwide, while “Titanic’s” was being held at $ 1.84 billion.

James Cameron said this about a sequel:

“This is set up to be a potential franchise, It’s not like I’ve got scripts two and three teed up, ready to go, and I want to start at the end of January. But it’s definitely part of the game plan.”

“Avatar” still has a lot of box office life left. It passed $600 million only on it’s 47th day of release domestically. In 1998, “Titanic” was barely at half that on it’s 47th day, at $311 million.

If you factor in today’s higher cost of admission prices, “Titanic” has sold more more tickets than “Avatar” has.

When you adjust for inflation, the classics such as “Gone With the Wind,” “Star Wars” and “The Sound of Music” still top for the most tickets sold ever.

Jon Landau, the producer on both “Titanic” and “Avatar” doesn’t buy in to the whole inflation-adjusted box-office rankings. He said:

“Every movie has to stand in its own time.“Gone With the Wind” didn’t have to compete with television. “Star Wars” didn’t have to compete with DVDs. “Titanic” didn’t have to compete with Blu-rays and satellite. So I think every film has to compete on its own merits.
The inflation argument, I find it funny when people raise it, ’cause I never heard them raising it when they talk about budget and cost to the movie. But they love to do it when it comes to box office.”



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