Aviva Drescher May Have Gone Overboard On Last Night’s ‘RHONY’

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Aviva Drescher was pushed over the edge on Real Housewives of New York last night and it was all because of Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan’s antics. After flying to St. Barths with her husband because of her high anxiety, Aviva found the two women had been deciding who would make her husband stay in a hotel. On top of that, they weren’t at all grateful to him for accompanying her on the trip.

In her blog, Aviva reveals that she had specifically asked Ramona if she had a problem with her husband Reid coming along on the trip and she did not. She only threw a fit about it once he had already arrived. That explains why things got heated so quickly.

After Ramona proceeded to yell and scream at her, Aviva said that she and Sonja were both “white trash.” Although some found the comment to be a little harsh, the two had been skinny dipping when she arrived and their obnoxious response to her husband’s presence was a bit ridiculous.

Aviva regrets her “white trash” comment to the other women but still thinks they should have had more respect for her man. “Reid is my husband and the father of my four children,” she writes, “and he had just flown me to St. Barths for a silly ‘girls’ trip.’ And my ‘friends’ were planning on asking him to leave? Unacceptable.”

Aviva isn’t being irrational when she expects a bit more respect from the women. They acted completely childish and downright embarrassing. Plus, Reid was being a good husband and making sure his wife felt as safe and comfortable as possible so that she could go have fun with the women she though were her friends. Ramona and Sonja showed their true colors last night, and it wasn’t pretty.

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