Avocados – And Lots of Them

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It is avocado season in South Florida at the moment, and once in a while my husband brings back a big bag full of delicious avocados. At the moment I have some ripening in a bag, some on the counter, and a couple in the fridge so that they do not all ripen at the same time.

One of he buildings my husband manages has a avocado tree, and after spending the first start of the summer eating mangoes of our mango tree we are really fortunate to be able to enjoy the avocado season as well.

As a vegetarian being able to eat avocado several times a week is a special luxury, and at the store they are currently on sale for $1.75.

Now, if I could only figure out how to grow an avocado tree of my own. So far I have been unsuccessful. Any tips???





What is your favorite way to eat avocado? Mine is guacamole for sure, we even use guacamole on top of our salad.

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