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Don’t you wish that everyone

would think before they speak

For sometimes words misunderstood

Can make a heart feel bleak


No one means for words to hurt

At lease most everyone I know

but consequences of a casual slur

Not meant to harm can deal an awful blow


Once spoken words linger in the ear

Of those to no harm was intended

Apologies help of course but the memory

plays over and over again to the one offended


I remember hearing when I was very small

If you can’t say something nice

Don’t say anything at all

I keep that in mind, or consequences are the price


So when in a conversation with friends or family

Don’t find a fault or criticize just keep it nice and breezy

There is just a simple moral here , no hard feelings

Or consequences , smiles abound, the solution is so easy






Sometimes standing up for what is right /doing the right thing has negative consequences of losing friends, family and even injury or death. Not doing the right thing/standing up for what is right has even worse consequences .

The challenge for ThursdayFebruary 27,2014 is to create a post about consequences



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