Awakened-a poem by Miri after hearing Barack Obama

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This is a poem written by my Granddaughter Miri after we went to see Barack Obama speak in Green Bay.  She is 11 years old.


          I rarely applaud the subtleness of the world
             but today I clapped until my arms hurt.
I looked around and saw all these people of all different colors
          they all looked at this man with hope in their eyes
                           such trust they had for him.
                                 Hope for their lives.
                   I had always thought of him as a picture.
                          Someone who was in the news
                     A politician that made many promises
        But while I was listening I couldn't believe I was there.
                          He never seemed real to me.
               Always a figment of the media's imagination,
                                    always a picture.
                              Hope for change he said.
                            He never seemed real to me.
                                           Until now.


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