Awesome Freebies with membership “No More Rack” :)

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Hi Hi Guys,

Happy Easter/Passover/sunny days of spring! Hope all are doing well. My main compuer is actually still being repaired (crossing fingers) @ Best Buy with 2nd break down of it in the last year. (It’s old) So I havne’t been very active on here…


But have you heard of No More Rack? Please sign up through my link! You don’t have to buy anything at all, but you can occasioanlly get free things there! Right now it is featuring something a little girl may like (20 Hello Kitty nail stickers) good quality. I just have to refer 7 others to do so. :o)

And then you get free $5 when you join! And then $10 total free if you refer a number of others. I do not usually try to sell out or bribe people for anything like this. But it is a fun and friendly deal that none of us lose out or have to commit to buying.

Give it a try for great discounts too!

Cheers All,


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