Awesome Video: Comet Crashes into the Sun!

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This is what science is really for! Check out the video below from October 1, 2011 when NASA filmed a comet crashing into the Sun. The crash causes an explosion on the opposite side, and it blows out a huge mass of gaseous material.

The video is enhanced by an organization called, an open-source project which animates images from space for clearer view—and ultimate coolness.

The weird thing about this incident is that scientists formerly believed a comet of this size should have no effect on the Sun, much less blow out what they call “Coronal Mass Ejection,” or CME. But, like so many natural phenomena, science doesn’t fully understand how these events relate to each other yet and has trouble predicting the outcome.

It’s amazing to know that there are still unexplained mysteries out there, despite the technological advancements by civilization. One of the benefits is seeing awesome videos like this one.

Have a look and be amazed:

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