Axl Rose Compared To Jim Morrison: Well He Is Fat!

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The pale-faced, ginger haired, pot-bellied screamer that is Axl Rose, apparently possesses the same dangerous element as the dead Doors front-man according to Sebastian Bach.

The 43-year old Canadian heavy metal monster and Axl sycophant, who “don‘t live crazy like I used to” but still enjoys a glass of red wine on an evening, revealed in an interview how he believes Axl is “one of a kind” and has that same “kind of danger thing going on” as Jim Morrison when he “steps up to the mic. He’s pretty fascinating.”

Jesus Sebastian please! We understand your all-consuming fan boy love for the mighty Axl Rose, but even by your warped twisted standards, it’s a bit beyond the pale to suggest the Guns N’ Roses ginger hog is in the same league, or even ball park as the legendary “lizard king.”

Jim Morrison was a unique original with a whole universe of talent running through his veins. Axl Rose has become a bloated mediocrity who is living like a parasite off the fame he found through the talents of Slash, Izzy, Duff, and possibly Steve.

The only thing Axl Rose has in common with old Jimbo is they both became fat. Before his death at the ridiculously superstitious number of 27, Jim Morrison had recorded six classic albums, wrote streams of poetry, and antagonized and baited the system and establishment like no other rock star has done before or since.

Pictured is a mug-of Jim Morrison. Mad, bad, and dangerous to know. Quite the opposite of ginger, fat, and ill-tempered.

Morrison has also done more to turn teenage kids onto the talents of Nietzche, Rimbaud, Huxley, Blake, and other literary giants than the best of the best English teacher. Morrison’s legacy was to make rebellion, rock n’ roll, intelligence, poetry, knowledge, mysticism, humor and individuality all mutually inclusive. Axl’s legacy is one of egotism, materialism, rampant capitalism, hypocrisy, the transformation of rock into a corporation, and the exclusivity of celebrity.

Morrison wrote the rule-book on how to be a rock star and then threw it on the fire and turned his back on it, before moving to Paris to become a writer and die in a bathtub.

All these years later and wannabes like Axl Rose and his bosom buddy Sebastian Bach are still rolling about in the ashes of Morrrison’s legend hoping some of it will rub off. Quite frankly sirs, it wont! You’re no riders on the storm, more horsemen on their hippos.

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