Axl Rose is Dead?! Guns N’ Roses Singer Victim of Rumors!

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Axl Rose is not dead. The Guns N’ Roses frontman sure seemed to be as the Twitter hashtag “#RIPAxlRose” circulated cyberspace. Of course, this was just another in a long line of celebrity death hoaxes.

The rumor was fake, and it didn’t take Gossip Cop to tell the world that Axl Rose was alive and kicking. Goodness, it seems like this stuff spreads like wildfire on Twitter and throughout social media these days. Practically every celebrity, from Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen to Hugh Hefner and Jon Bon Jovi, has fallen victim to these death hoaxes.

Still, once these Twitter memes start, there is almost no stopping them. They sit at the top of the trending topics for about a day and go away. The question is how long will it be until the next person “dies” on Twitter like Axl Rose “died” on Thursday. Somehow this joke seems to be pretty old, and not too funny. Still, people seem to enjoy passing around this sort of false information.

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