Ayla Reynolds Case Updates: Mother Initiating Lawsuit

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The Ayla Reynolds case has been rather uneventful the past week, but now some new details have arisen regarding the missing child’s mother as well as her paternal family. Trista Reynolds is threatening to sue The Department of Health and Human Services.

The mother of Ayla Reynolds is threatening to sue DHHS over what appears to be their disregard for her daughter’s wellbeing. She believes, and probably rightfully so, that had DHHS officials made proper visits and checks then Ayla wouldn’t be missing. That’s probably true, considering this child had suffered a broken arm, bruises on her thighs and other “accidents” that were neglected up until her disappearance. The missing Maine toddler had even missed her doctor’s appointment regarding her arm the day before she was reported missing by Justin Dipietro, her father.

“I think if they checked up on Ayla, we wouldn’t be where we are today. I think it’s partly their blame,” said Trista Reynolds.

Paternal family of Ayla Reynolds get representation — and they probably need it

Phoebe Dipietro, Justin Dipietro and Elisha Dipietro have lawyered up. How not surprising. Elisha Dipietro, the sister of Justin Dipietro, swears that she has been telling the truth. If this is the case, how did Ayla’s blood make it all the way down into the basement where Justin had slept that night? The story being told was that the child had been sleeping upstairs near Elisha Dipietro and her child.

The detectives on this case are fully aware of the inconsistencies in the story told by the Dipietro family and they have publicly announced their belief that the family is not being truthful. So whether these people have an attorney or not isn’t going to change the fact that the details of this investigation are being released little by little until the pressure will be too much to bear. Someone in that home needs to come forward and tell the truth. Period.

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