Ayla Reynolds Development: Loud Noise During the Night

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The father of Ayla Reynolds claims he doesn’t know what happened to his daughter, while his mother hints at the possibility that he did do something with the baby because she filed for custody the day before her disappearance. It seems that the parents are up against one another and this isn’t helping investigators locate the little girl. However, now the neighbors are speaking out and sharing what they heard or saw the night the girl went missing. And some of the stories may give clues as to what happened to little Ayla.

According to an article by The Sop, neighbors living near Ayla’s residence have two stories to share; one is about a mysterious car and the other is about a loud noise in the middle of the night. According to the report, neighbors spotted an odd car pulling up to the Reynolds’ home on the night of the disappearance.

(Photo: Facebook/Find Ayla Reynolds Mi)<br>State police and the FBI continue searching for 20-month-old Ayla Reynolds who vanished from her bed Friday night in Waterville, Maine.One of the bigger developments is that the neighbor behind the Reynolds home explained that a loud noise came from the house in the middle of the night when Ayla Reynolds disappeared. The noise was described as a crash or thump, so loud that it woke up the neighbor’s dog, which then proceeded to bark. This was around 3:30 am.

Could this noise have been the sound of an intruder entering the home or stealing the child? Or was this the noise of Justin, Ayla’s father, disposing of evidence and hiding the body? It could also have been Ayla disappearing into the night with a stranger as part of a plot to hide the child due to the custody papers.

What are your theories?

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