Ayla Reynolds Disappearance Still a Focus of Attention for Some

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The Ayla Reynolds case hasn’t produced any definitive updates in quite some time while the Maine State Police appear to be playing the investigation close to their chests. Nonetheless, the public interest in this little girl’s disappearance hasn’t dwindled much and there are still tons of questions that demand answers. What’s going on lately regarding the disappearance of the missing Maine tot?

A teddy bear vigil will take place on Saturday in Waterville, marking one of the several vigils that have been held since the child disappeared. While these vigils are designed to pull the community together for awareness of the missing child, it would be nice to see these groups collaborate on searches for Ayla Reynolds.

Local woman Laurie Bingham has coordinated the vigil, and she also has her own Ayla Facebook page that is focused solely on finding the missing baby.

“I got so angry that everybody was arguing about stuff, and no one was concentrating on Ayla. I run (the site) as if she was my granddaughter, because in my heart she is. And my main goal is to get her name out there,” she said in regards to the several existing Facebook pages about the missing child.“We’re building an army of angels for Ayla,” she added.

It’s great that this woman is lending a helping hand in spreading awareness about the missing child. More people are needed to use their compassion and love for their own children or children in general to help spread the word about Ayla, especially since her family remains silent.

Ayla Reynolds speculation: Was she the victim of abuse?

It’s been widely speculated that the missing child was the victim of abuse in the DiPietro home. Having only been in her father’s care for five days, the child suffered a broken arm. Justin DiPietro claims that it was a rainy day and he had slipped and fallen while carrying the child. However, the dates aren’t matching up. If it was indeed a rainy day when the child fell, then it would possibly mean that the DiPietros waited till later than they’ve admitted to taking her to the hospital.

In fact, the arm would’ve had to have been broken quite some time before she sought help, and very close to the time Justin DiPietro sought a life insurance policy on his daughter.

In addition to this, Trista Reynolds has alleged that her daughter had bruising on her thighs as well as on other parts of her body. She alleges that Justin DiPietro claimed some bruising on the child was the result of her “getting into a fight” with another child at Chuck E. Cheese’s in the “ball pit.” However, when Trista called the establishment, they claimed there wasn’t even a ball pit on the premises. Interesting? Definitely.

Meanwhile, Ayla Reynolds is still missing and the days just keep on going by without anything from the investigators on this case. If they have found any evidence or clues leading to her whereabouts, they’re certainly not speaking about them. Did detectives find what they were looking for on the surveillance videos they obtained last week? Or is this going to be another piece of the case buried under the secrecy of the MSP?

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