Ayla Reynolds is Dead; Justin DiPietro is a Coward, Says Trista

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Ayla Reynolds is likely dead. That was announced today by Maine State Police in a press conference that had quite the ominous feeling to it. It’s probably safe to say that the DiPietro clan is feeling that ominous element, due to the words expressed by Steve McCausland and other officials.

The mother of Ayla Reynolds can be seen in a video reacting to the press conference. She breaks down in tears at the moment that Steve McCausland announces that Ayla Reynolds will not be found alive. There is absolutely no evidence leading to a “happy ending” in this case.

“Justin DiPietro is a coward. He is no father.”

These are the words expressed by Trista Reynolds in an emotional couple of moments after the press conference was aired on television. The young mother of the missing tot is in shambles over the idea that she will not be able to even give her daughter a proper burial because nobody knows where she is — and those who do aren’t talking.

“If he loved Ayla at all, he would say something. He would speak for her,” she added.

She is absolutely right and considering the tone used by Nale and McCausland during today’s press conference, they are still eyeing the DiPietro clan for their dishonesty and lack of cooperation. It was stated, again, that the DiPietros are not cooperating. Why not?

“I am calling Justin DiPietro out, as Ayla’s mother. I am calling him out, his final and last chance, to tell me where she is and what happened to her,” she cried out, breaking down as she spoke.

Trista Reynolds is certainly going through a tough time in all of this, and in the highly emotional interview her father declares that their family has known during this entire time that the DiPietro family is involved in Ayla’s disappearance.

If this is true, and if Justin DiPietro and his family know what happened to the missing 20-month old tot, then he needs to come forward. Enough is enough, already. This has gone on for far too long. The reward being offered for information on Ayla’s case will expire in 30 days. Anyone who has information that will lead to the resolution of this part of the case should come forward. Even if it involves ratting on your own brother, please contact the Maine State Police.

Justin, Elisha and Phoebe DiPietro: Please cooperate with police. Can you not see what this is doing to Trista and her family? The world knows that more is known about the night Ayla vanished and the world knows that you are not telling police everything. It’s a universal fact that the three of you along with Courtney Roberts are not cooperating with police. How can you watch Trista melt down over not being able to hold her daughter, her baby girl, with a clean conscience? What kind of people stay mum over something so serious, for their own welfare? That’s absolutely despicable.

As it stands, there is absolutely no evidence supporting an abduction. There is absolutely no evidence supporting any theories that this child is alive. The police believe she is dead and that the adults in the home the night she “vanished” know what happened to her. This case is far from over, and even though no body has been found, they have found plenty of evidence to determine what they announced today and they certainly have enough evidence to indicate just who might be responsible, or at the least in-the-know. So rest assured, every party involved in the disappearance of Ayla will eventually come to justice one way or the other. Just think about the case of Etan Patz, it’s been a few decades since he vanished — and the person responsible is finally going to face justice.

It’s important that some particular people involved in this case keep that in mind.

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