Baby Abducted, Grandmother Killed

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Alert: A baby is missing and her grandmother is believed to have been murdered in a Pennsylvania neighborhood. This is a developing case that has the community of Upper Merion distraught, and hopefully it doesn’t end as tragically as it already began. A woman has been murdered, but where is her infant granddaughter?

An Amber Alert was issued by Pennsylvania State Police after the body of the child’s grandmother was found in her home. 10-month-old Saavni Venna is missing and there are no signs of where she may have been taken.

Saavni Venna is an Asian female weighing 21 lbs., with black hair and brown eyes. Her father, it is believed, called police to notify them of the abduction—but there is no word on where the mother could be. Investigators are trying to figure out who took the baby after murdering her grandmother. Is this a stranger abduction or did someone who knew the family did this? It seems more likely that a person who is a member of the family or a close friend did this because of the intimacy of the crime. The murder of a woman and abduction of an infant child doesn’t just occur for no reason.

Sources don’t say whether or not the place was robbed, nor are any other details mentioned. This case is still developing so hopefully more details come to light, and more importantly it’s hopeful that the child is found safe.

Photo: NBC Philadelphia

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