Baby Gabriel Update: Elizabeth Johnson to Be Sentenced Friday

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Elizabeth Johnson, mother of Baby Gabriel, who has been “missing” since December 23, 2009, is to be sentenced Friday, having been found guilty of unlawful imprisonment and custodial interference in October.

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This case is strange and doesn’t make much sense. Elizabeth Johnson claims she took her son from Tempe, Arizona, gave him to a couple in a San Antonio, Texas, park, and continued on by herself to Miami. Who does that? Nobody just gives their kid to complete strangers. Sadly, though, there’s actually people that do. While it is distasteful and irresponsible, this scenario is far better than the one where she killed the baby and threw him in a dumpster, which she had originally texted to his father, Logan Scott McQueary. Johnson has since claimed that she only sent him that message to get back at him for ruining her life and hurting her. She was, in fact, seen with a very alive Baby Gabriel three days after she had sent that message, so it is possible that her tale of seeing these people in a park that looked trustworthy and had a car seat is legit. Or maybe not. There was some connection made to a couple from Arizona that had been planning to adopt the boy, but didn’t because of the custody battle between Johnson and McQueary. However, either they have the kid or they don’t, and if not, what is there involvement? How are they at all relevant to any of the story?

Commander Kim Hale, of the Tempe Police Department, said: “Gabriel was in San Antonio. He was there, he was alive, he was well. Elizabeth Johnson left San Antonio without him, that we can confirm. So what happened in San Antonio? Right now, Elizabeth Johnson is the only one who can answer that.” Seems like another Casey Anthony story, where you just really can’t tell if she is telling the truth, but you are more inclined to think not.

The lies are not the only thing about this case that resembles the trial of Casey Anthony. Johnson has also been jailed for 3 years, awaiting Friday’s decision, where she may be allowed to walk out of the courtroom. While it is possible that she could be sentenced to 9 1/2 years, Johnson’s lawyer, Marc Victor, said, “I really think that probation is the appropriate sentence here. She’s already done three years.”

So where is Gabriel? Is there really a couple somewhere in Texas who is raising him as their own? That wouldn’t be the worst thing. Did this woman really kill her son? The vengeance theory seems just as likely, kind of like the skanky girl from high school who told guys they get her pregnant so they wouldn’t ditch her, then had no baby. Young people aren’t always known for their brilliant decision-making skills, so it’s possible that the text was just sent to hurt him. If there is a couple out there with the boy, it’s unlikely they will ever say anything, as they would lose the child they are raising. If Elizabeth Johnson’s story is true, hopefully he has a nice, happy-kind of home, which she likely couldn’t have provided for him.

What will happen to Elizabeth Johnson? Will she be released, on probation? Or will she spend more time as a guest of the state? Check back tomorrow…

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