Baby Gaga! “The Fame Monster” Before She Was Famous [images/video]

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Photos of the pretty “Poker Face” pop star in her youth have emerged today, showing what a clean-cut darling the diva was in her teens. In an interview with Ellen Degeneres from November, Gaga says she wasn’t very popular in high school. “I want to create a space for my fans where they can feel free, and they can celebrate.” she told Ellen, according

“I didn’t fit in in high school, and I felt like a freak. So I like to create this atmosphere for my fans where they feel like they have a freak in me to hang out with, and they don’t feel alone.”

The Huffington Post also reported last month that Stefani Germanotta, her given name before she became Gaga, appeared on MTV’s prank showcase ‘Boiling Points” in 2005. “In this case several restaurant patrons, including Gaga, had their meals taken away before they were finished with them–then returned, covered in trash. The goal was to make it through 14 minutes without blowing up.

Unfortunately, young Gaga hit her boiling point before that and forfeited the prize money.”


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