Baby Harper Beckham Hits the Beach at Malibu Mansion

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David and Victoria Beckham are splurging on Steven Spielberg’s Malibu Beach mansion as a summer pad and a cool place for baby Harper Seven and mom Victoria to rest up from the birth 11 days ago. Just a little splurge, the rental price is $150,000/month! The money they will pay over the next two or three months would buy a house for most people, but the Beckhams just see it as a fun family stop-over—something like a trip to a fancy restaurant would be for normal folks. David and Victoria “could not resist” when they heard it was available, reports Daily Mail. A beach cottage!

This is over-the-top celeb thinking at its grandest, especially sinceFile:David y Victoria Beckham.jpg the Beckhams own a mansion of their own just down the road, so to speak, about thirty miles away, not to mention their home in England—the one people call “Beckingham Palace”! But their California place is only worth roughly 20 million in American dollars. Spielberg’s estate is valued at something like $40 million. Only the best for baby Harper! And the Beckhams’ pad is not right on Malibu Beach, as the rental unit is. This prime location has been called “the most exclusive piece of sand in the world!”

The boys—Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, have been taking full advantage, swimming and surfing daily. Likely they won’t want to go home. And David has been riding his motorcycle. Fun for all!

Meanwhile, everybody is getting cozy with the baby, between surfing trips and splashes in the pool. And likely Harper Seven is getting in tiny spurts of beach and sun time, protected by her oft reported $900 stroller. “It’s very peaceful and relaxing for the Beckhams,” said a neighbor. Party on!

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