Baby Lisa Irwin’s Parents Keeping Low Profile

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The disappearance of baby Lisa Irwin is becoming increasingly more complex; the newest development reveals that Lisa’s parents are now keeping a low profile from both the public and the police. In fact, according to a news report by ABC, Lisa’s parents have not spoken with police since October 8th. That’s four weeks since Lisa’s disappearance.

The police and Lisa’s parents are butting heads on one point; the police want to investigate the family to rule them out, while the family wants the police to expand the search to various areas, such as the area where Lisa was last seen.

If the parents have nothing to hide, why are they not helping the police and giving them the answers they want? Instead, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin are keeping a low profile and simply postponing the investigation. Aren’t they desperate to get baby Lisa Irwin home? Wouldn’t you be fighting to get your child home, even if it meant being subject to a police investigation as a means of elimination?

The parents of Lisa Irwin have kept a low profile and are currently living at an undisclosed location. They continue to refuse police interviews with their sons and have not offered any interviews with the police.

What do you think happened to Lisa Irwin?

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