Baby “Pele” elephant, Luk Chai, shows off his soccer skills to curious onlookers at a Sydney zoo (photos)

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Here’s something that ought to make you smile at the end of a long day. This cute little baby elephant is showing off his soccer skills as he gives a demonstration under the watchful gaze of his proud mother. The playful little guy embodies the joy of the mother-son relationship in the animal kingdom.

The baby Asian elephant, called Luk Chai, seems to smile as chases the massive ball around his enclosure.

Luk, which means son, raced after the ball when his mother, Porntip, kicked it it to him. Luk was the first Asian elephant to be born in Australia thus he drew a large crowd who wanted to see him.

The adorable set of photos were taken by amateur photographer Renee Doyle, 46, while on a family visit to Taronga Zoo, in New South Wales, Australia.

The Asian elephant, called Luk Chai, seemingly smiles as he contentedly chases the massive football around his paddock

“Luk is so full of personality and wonderfully playful that I could just stand and watch him all day. He loves to chase after his ball. Sometimes it is the keepers that roll the ball toward him and sometimes it’s one of the adult elephants that kicks the ball for him to go chase after. In these photos it was his mum. He will even swim in the small pool pushing his ball around if it happens to roll in there. There’s no set routine – it’s just playtime,” Doyle said.

There’s nothing cuter than baby animals at play. Luk is so sweet and full of life and he seems to love the attention he’s getting while playing! The photos capture his joy in each wonderful shot.

Photo credit : Daily Mail

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