Baby Rapist Will Die as He Deserves

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Ohio baby rapist Steven Smith will not get the mercy he so boldly pleaded for when he begged the Ohio Parole Board not to put him to death. The condemned man killed his girlfriend’s 6-month-old daughter in 1998, in an attack that lasted 30 minutes, involving the sexual assault, beating and suffocation of the 15- to 20-pound infant. In fact, these very details lent to the decision made by the parole board.

Steven Smith MercySteven Smith is the worst of the worst—and that’s what he was called by the very board he sought mercy from in previous weeks. He doesn’t deserve this mercy, and it’s satisfying to know that he knows this. He will be put to death next month. He will be finally brought to justice for the horrific death of Autumn Carter—a child whom he never gave mercy; a child he used for his own sexual gratification and disposal.

Will he be missed? Maybe to some degree by his loved ones, but this is someone that won’t be missed by society, for there are far too many like him in it. There is no way to defend his actions. And even though a quick and clinical death by the executioner’s needle seems merciful enough for this man, it’s what needs to be done.

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