Baby Sky Metalwala Breaking Update; Ransom Note Surfaces

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Baby Sky Metalwala is the 2-year-old boy who went missing from Bellevue, Washington, last weekend. As police continue searching for the missing Washington child, it appears that a ransom note has surfaced. This disturbing development is certainly a headscratcher.

Sky Elijah Metalwala When Julia Biryukova reported her son missing last weekend she told police that her car ran out of gas while traveling to the hospital. She told police she chose to leave missing baby Sky Metalwala in his carseat in the car, and walked over a mile to a gas station with her 4-year-old daughter. This made her look suspicious from the very beginning. What mother would leave one child and take another on a long walk in the early morning hours, in freezing weather? It doesn’t make sense!

Anyway, her story hasn’t checked-out since the beginning, and police have acknowledged that the car wasn’t out of gas, and it ran well when they arrived. They also say there was no gas can present when they made it to the scene of the “broken down vehicle.” It appears Julia Biryukova didn’t think this one out thoroughly, and whether or not she knows what happened to her child she failed him when she abandoned him in the cold and took her daughter with her on a walk lasting an hour.

A lot can happen in an hour.

Where is missing baby Sky Metalwala?

Although it appears that the media is staying focused on the disappearance of missing baby Lisa Irwin, this case is still getting a lot of attention. In particular, the mother of the missing child is garnering a lot of negative attention, and the father is not involved. They were going through a bitter divorce and custody battle over little Sky. Still, this case does share similarities with the case of missing baby Lisa Irwin. Deborah Bradley and Julia Biryukova share some parenting traits that lead to their children coming up missing, or worse.

So now, there is a ransom note that has surfaced in regards to the missing 2-year-old boy. Nancy Grace refers to the boy’s mother as Tot Mom, so she must be replacing the former Tot Mom, Casey Anthony. She reports that a ransom note was sent to the mother of the missing boy, demanding $25K or else his fingers would be removed.

It appears that the note shares similarities with scam-like ransom notes that were sent to the relatives of a missing hiker just recently, so who knows if it is truly real or not? Police are obviously looking into it.


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