baby smoking bong and other stupid things posted on Facebook and the internet

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What is it with people being stupid and not thinking they will be caught?  People post photos on Facebook, Myspace and other online sites; thinking their photos are cute or to brag.  Guess most aren’t smart enough to realize that they might be caught.

A photo of an 11 month old baby smoking a bong is all over the internet.  The child’s mom, a 19 year old, might loose her child and is possible facing criminal charges.  Is the photo still cute? It makes me angry.  I am happy to know that the Department of Children and Families is investigating her. I’m thinking they’ll do a drug test on the mom and anyone else living in the household and that they’ll also do a drug test on the baby.


Is this the first time?  Not by a long shot.  Teens are not the smartest humans.  They post incriminating photos on the internet all the time. 

 About a year ago in Conejo Valley Unified School District a special needs child was pulled from the school district from his mother.  Some kids had been bullying her son and they were posting on his Facebook page pictures of a dead body hanging from a rope with his face superimposed on the photo.  The mom used those photos and comments on Facebook to press charges and file restraining orders against the the teen boys that were harrassing her son.

Police have also busted gang members for tagging.  They taggers actually took photos of their ‘art’ graffiti and posted them online.

I even saw a photo on Facebook (actually posted by someone I know) of a heart carved into a tree with the initials of him and his girlfriend.  Big DUH since it was in a National Forest.  Not sure if he was busted but the photo was pulled in about 2 days.

It just goes to show you, be careful what you put online.


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