Baby Survives Deadly Raleigh Tornado After Being Ripped Out of Cousin’s Arms! (Video)

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Can you imagine that a three-month-old baby survives a deadly tornado after being ripped from his cousinÂ’s arms? It happened in Raleigh, North Carolina when a vicious tornado ripped into the mobile home where Jonathan Robinson was taking care of his baby cousin, Ayden.

As AydenÂ’s mother was napping in a nearby trailer, Robinson discovered that the tornado was heading toward his home. He grabbed tiny baby Ayden to protect him from the tornado or any debris that might hurt him.

Robinson held tightly to his baby cousin when the tornado ripped open the side of his home. Unfortunately, the baby was so small that RobinsonÂ’s arms could not protect him from the vicious storm.

He was now alone in the house, not knowing where to find Ayden. Robinson stated, “I thought he was lost.” Can you imagine holding a tiny baby tightly in your arms only to have him ripped away from you during a tornado? This is every parents’ worst nightmare! And it happened to Robinson.

However, Ayden turned out to be a ‘miracle’ baby after Robinson located him atop a woodpile. He was safe and unharmed by the deadly tornado. However, three other children were killed from the same Raleigh tornado. The ages of the three killed children were 3, 8, and 9. Another child was not killed, but it was seriously injured.

The man upstairs must have a special plan for baby Ayden for Him to take care of this precious little baby during this deadly tornado. IsnÂ’t this a precious story of hope?

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