Baby Zebra Born at Bronx Zoo; First Since 2003 (Video)

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A baby zebra was born at the Bronx Zoo for the first time since 2003. She made her public début recently and was just as cute as you’d expect.

Terri, the newest member of the herd, lives with the rest of her herd at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s African Plains exhibit. She was born earlier this year but didn’t step out until very recently.

baby zebra bronx zoo,baby zebra,bronx zoo zebra,bronx zoo baby zebra,wildlife conservation society,terri the baby zebraBronx Zoo’s baby zebra is a Grévy’s zebra, a species considered to be critically endangered in the wild. Successful breeding of endangered animals in zoos is an important part of keeping them alive and possibly even reintroducing them to their native habitat later.

Terri spends her days trotting around the enclosure but never too far away from parents Tara and Jimbo, according to MSNBC. She lives far away from her native Kenya, but she’ll have a far longer and happier life where she is.

Baby zebras, like Terri, at the Bronx Zoo are always born with brown stripes. They become black as the animal gets older. Since their native land tends toward multiple shades of brown in the landscape, less visible babies means more of them become adults.

It’s nice to get a feel-good story with a cute face. And young Terri fits the bill quite nicely. Check out the video of her below and see if you don’t crack a smile.

Video: Terri the baby Grévy’s Zebra at the Bronx Zoo

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