Babysitter Brenda Harding, Guilty of Sex with Teen Suicide Victim

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Babysitter Brenda Harding, age 30, had been having sex with 15-year-old Tristen Hagen who she was supposed to watch. Later the boy committed suicide when his father forced her to break up with him. Now this babysitter-turned-lover has pled guilty on sexual assault on a child. The judge only gives her 90 days in jail.

The 30-year-old babysitter was supposed to watch out for Tristen. Instead of keeping him safe, the boy ended up in his grave. When the child’s father discovered his son was being sexually abused by his babysitter, he urged her to break off the pair’s sexual hook-ups. It worked; she pulled back from the young boy. The next day Tristen’s lifeless body was found on a hill near the home of Brenda Harding. One has to wonder what was going through the boy’s mind.

It was later found Tristen had taken an overdose of pills. No one knows for sure, but it was fairly safe to assume the young boy was distraught at the loss of sex with the 30-year-old babysitter overwhelmed him. To an adult it may be just sexually perverted fun, however, the power of a sexual experience with an older woman can be devastating to some young boys. This was probably the case for young Tristen. It matters not how much the victim enjoys such experiences, it can still cause them much harm in the long run.

Brenda Harding will probably spend only 90 days in jail but she should be on sex offender probation the rest of her life. She is prohibited from having contact with anyone under the age of 18, including her own children. In sympathy with the boy’s family, the judge said he could not punish her for Tristen’s decision to end his life. This is a very sad case.

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