Bachelor 14 finale: Jake Pavelka NOT engaged, Jake and Ali secret reunion

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The Bachelor 14 finale is upon us soon, Jake Pavelka will finally choose Either Vienna or Tenley. But wait, today I just read an article posted by realitytvmagazine, and it said “Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are engaged and still together.” OK, come on this is too played now.

In the article it mentions how Reality Steve is rarely wrong. On Reality Steve’s blog it says the couple are still very much together. Therefore, it sounds like Jake will propose on the upcoming finale, which is March 1 2010. Sorry, I don’t buy this.

Like I said in the beginning, I like to go with my own instincts and predictions. I 100% feel the rumor of Jake Pavelka being engaged is just to get more viewers to tune in to the finale. I mean first, the winner of the Bachelor 14 was leaked months ago and the producers didn’t seem to have much fight over it, and now a week before the finale the engagement gets posted, something wrong with this picture.

Vienna will be out, and Ali will be the winner to Jake Pavelka’s heart. Do you remember The Women Tell All? Well, according to one of my friends who is a huge Bachelor fan emailed me this morning saying that Ali and Jake spent some time together during the reunion, and the romance was amazing. I asked her “Where did this information come from?” She replied “From a magazine.” Knowing I am a huge Bachelor fan, she will not tell me the name of the magazine, because she wants me to be surprised at the end.

To be perfectly honest with you I totally believe this, especially after seeing the face expressions and feelings Jake and Ali shared at the Women Tell All reunion. The producers want all of us to think it’s Vienna, but in reality there will be a huge twist.

This would be a great Bachelor ending. Having Vienna face her worst nightmare Ali, while Ali gets her fairytale ending with Jake Pavelka and her yellow dress. Maybe Jake and Ali were so in love with each other, they kept a secret promise nothing would be said until ATFR ceremony. Don’t worry though Vienna fans, Vienna will still be the last one standing and Jake could possibly propose to her, but don’t hold your breath, the relationship will be over before it actually begins. See you at the finale, when Jake will make his final decision.

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