Bachelor 2010: Jake Pavelka Dumping Vienna Giradi? [VIDEO]

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Wow we are just two days into the latest Bachelor relationship, and the rumors are already flying like mad! The latest one is that Jake Pavelka is trying to convince his ex-girlfriend that he is still in love with her. Jake said that Vienna Giradi and the other Bachelor contestants meant nothing to him.

Pavelka left his ex-girlfriend at home sort of on hold while he did the Bachelor. Pavelka hoped to find a love truer than that of his ex. It seems as if Jake Pavelka did not find true love.

The old girlfriend was under the impression that they were still ‘dating’. Apparently, Jake went on The Bachelor as a publicity stunt that was for the purpose of furthering his acting career.

Jake Pavelka and his ex-girlfriend had weeks of long phone calls which eventually led to an in person meeting between the two. The two were no intimate during the meeting, but they had deep conversations where Pavelka professed his love for his ex-girlfriend.

Of course Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi said on Tuesday that they plan to get married within the next two years. The latest Bachelor couple is trying to have some real relationship time outside of TV.

Of course, Jake Pavelka will also be competing on the 10th season of Dancing with the Stars. He also said he was not trying to further his acting career by being the Bachelor.

Do you think that Jake and Vienna are the real deal? Or, do you think that Jake wants to be back with his ex and wants an acting career?

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