‘Bachelor’ Alum Jillian Harris Says It Doesn’t Matter Who Ben Picks

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Jillian Harris, a former contestant on The Bachelor shows, watches Ben’s journey to find love every Monday and the more she watches, the more she gets into it. But when it comes to picking the final woman for Ben, Jillian has a surprising answer; it doesn’t matter who Ben picks. That seems like an odd statement considering Courtney and Kacie are so different, as are innocent Lindzi and divorced Nicki. In fact, Ben has four very different women, yet Jillian doesn’t think it matters when it comes down to it.

“If you ask me, it doesn’t really matter who Ben picks. Speaking from experience, he will be fine regardless. Things will evolve, hopefully he’ll stay friends with the other girls from the show (as I’ve done) and things will work out for him when the timing is right,” Jillian writes in her blog about The Bachelor. “Viewers tend to forget that the people on the show are not the only people in the world, but the truth is Ben’s gal might not be there! That’s fine! This is entertainment, and like any other show there has to be a climax — that’s what the ring and engagement are for.” It is true that Ben’s girl may not be there and since rumor has it that Ben and Courtney are indeed engaged at the moment, it could be the two break up within the next year because they weren’t compatible in real life. Jillian is a perfect example of that as she broke up with her chosen man within a year.

And it doesn’t seem like Jillian really cares that Ben may pick the wrong girl in the end. “When you’re on the show you lose yourself, your sense of normalcy, and reason… you’re only talking to producers and you’re on this journey with the same, small group of people for months. Basically, it’s normal that he’s not seeing how crazy she is,” she writes. And while the women on the show are worried about Ben finding out here and now, Jillian is convinced Ben will figure it out after the show has ended. And if he wants, he could just contact some of the other women from his season when the time comes.

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