‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik Engaged to Courtney Robertson but still Texting Other Women!

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Ben Flajnik has sworn on his father’s grave (classy) that he hasn’t kissed a woman who isn’t his fiancée, Courtney Robertson, since getting engaged to the reviled model on the Bachelor season finale. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been acting shady.

According to Us Weekly (via HollywoodLife.com), Ben is still texting multiple other women, including one of the ladies he was originally reported to have cheated with a few weeks back.

“They have hooked up a couple times,” a source tells Us Weekly of the woman Ben was seen making out with Feb. 18.

In addition to that lady, Ben also hilariously put the moves on “a cute brunette” Feb. 25 at a San Francisco dive bar.

“He kept smiling at her. Then he walked over, did a weird dance move and said, ‘I’m a bad boy,'” an “eyewitness” dishes to the mag. “He told her to friend him on Facebook, and they’ve been messaging ever since.”

“I’m a bad boy”? ROFL! Ben is almost 30, so you’d think he’d have better pickup lines by now. But apparently his doofus schtick is working, because Us Weekly reports that yet another woman “is still texting with Ben and trying to figure out when they can see each other again” following a steamy “public makeout session.”

There’s no word on what Courtney thinks of her immature cad of a fiance, but as a “source” helpfully tells Us Weekly of their relationship, “There’s no freaking way this lasts.”

At this point, what else can really be said about these two? Ben is a clueless, immature, petty doofus, and Courtney is a manipulative, narcissistic, two-faced succubus. They totally deserve each other, and neither one gets any sympathy for the spectacular public implosion of their relationship, which was always doomed to fail anyway. It’s just sad/mind-boggling that there are women out there who are still willing to hook up with Ben after witnessing his epic douchiness on The Bachelor. Those ladies need some self-respect.

What do you think? Is Ben Flajnik a giant cad? Do he and Courtney Robertson deserve each other? Sound off in the comments!

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