‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik Makes Out with Three Different Women on the Weekend

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While there have been rumors that Ben Flajnik has been cheating on his final woman, Courtney Robertson, it seems that those rumors are indeed true. And while many have denied them, pictures don’t lie. US Weekly have published three pictures, two of them were Ben getting up close and personal with two different women. He is actually smooching one of the women in one picture. As the magazine writes, Ben “may have gotten engaged to Courtney Robertson in Switzerland last November, but that didn’t stop 29-year-old Flajnik from stepping out on his bride-to-be — with three different women in one weekend.”

It seems that Ben has changed his mind about Courtney after he saw how she acted on the show. He may have broken off the engagement, meaning he is essentially a single man and turning his attention to other women. “Ben seemed pretty toasted, and this woman in red pants came up to him,” says a witness. “It looked like an altercation at first, then he kissed her on the mouth and hugged her.”

If Ben Flajnik is indeed engaged to Courtney, she should be the one who should run for the hills. He doesn’t seem to be respecting her much these days and he even keeps texting one woman he met on Valentine’s Day. “Ben and this girl looked like they were drunk and having a good time,” a source explains. “They were doing weird dance moves, laughing and joking.”

If you didn’t think that was enough, Ben was spotted making out with a third girl not even 24 hours after he smooched another girl. “While taking his dog, Scotch, for a walk late in the evening, Flajnik and the woman stopped by a waterfront park near the Golden Gate Bridge — and made out for nearly two minutes,” writes US Weekly.

So is it really Courtney who is the disrespectful one or is Ben really the bad guy? Click here to see the pictures and judge for yourself.

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