‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik Regrets Choosing Courtney Robertson!

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During this week’s “Women Tell All” episode of The Bachelor, the eliminated contestants ganged up on villain Courtney Robertson and gave the two-faced succubus a taste of her own medicine. And if a new report is to be believed, Bachelor Ben Flajnik is about to do the same thing.

According to Reality Weekly (via HollywoodLife.com), Ben “is totally regretting his decision and … feels like he should have picked another woman in the end!” There’s no word on whether Ben wishes he had chosen runner-up Lindzi Cox or one of the other ladies he eliminated earlier.

“Ben admitted to a close friend: ‘I chose the wrong woman,'” a “source” dishes to the mag. “Ben knows he made a mistake. He feels really played and is truly unhappy about the way things turned out.”

Because Ben chose to ignore the other contestants’ repeated warnings about the manipulative sociopath, it finally dawned on him while watching the show that “Courtney played him.”

“Ben’s a romantic and was blinded by the situation,” Reality Weekly‘s source says. “Now, he’s realizing there were some seriously great girls on the show, but he completely blew it. … He feels like a fool for not seeing Courtney’s motives when they were so clear to everyone else, but he’s also pretty hurt and insulted . He thought Courtney really had feelings for him and believed her when she said she wanted to be with him.”

It’s hard to believe Ben’s a “romantic” when he reportedly only did the show to publicize his business. But now he’s stuck with Courtney until the season finale airs.

“He proposed, so he still has to behave like he’s madly in love with the winner,” the source tells Reality Weekly. “But he’s really starting to resent her.”

He actually probably resents the entire situation, because he looks like an idiot on national television and has reportedly whined that he got a bad edit and complained that he has “better things to do with my life” than promote The Bachelor. Wow, talk about being ungrateful! As Emily O’Brien said on the “Women Tell All” episode, he made his bed.

However, no matter how upset Ben is, he and Courtney might not be dunzo just yet. According to Bachelor expert Reality Steve, Ben put the engagement ring back on Courtney’s finger during the “After the Final Rose” special, they have been together ever since taping that episode and they have also already done their People photo spread, which will come out next week. So for now, at least, the two are still “going strong,” but that probably won’t last very long once the season ends and the public forgets about them.

What do you think? Will Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson break up? Should he try to win back one of the other contestants? Sound off in the comments!

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