Bachelor Ben Flajnik Visits Lindzi Cox at Her Florida Family Farm

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The Bachelor home dates are set to start Monday and Bachelor Ben Flajnik will be off to visit Lindzi Coz at the Florida family’s horse farm. Although the 27-year-old businesswoman works in Seattle, she grew up across the country in the Sunshine State’s town called Ocala.

ABC previewed this visit during which the bachelor has an entire day with Cox and her parents. In fact, after working to get better after a bad breakup, Lindzi is really opening up to Ben, and that’s evident to the people who know her best.

Indeed, mom and dad “notice the difference in their once-reticent daughter, whose heart seems open again,” according to a blogger for The Orlando Sentinel who adds this pertinent question, “But will they welcome Ben into their family?”

Well, that query will have to be left rhetorical for now as fans of The Bachelor wait to see how this particular home visit goes on February 20.

So, with that said, one thing is for sure: Ben Flajnik was impressed by Lindzi Cox when she rode in on a horse and now there will be plenty of opportunity to see her romp around on a stead once again as he visits the Florida family farm to get to know this contestant better and to meet her family for the first time.

Fingers crossed, this will be enough of an adventure for this California dude to get his mind off of Lindzi’s rival, Courtney, once and for all.

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