‘Bachelor’ Courtney Robertson: 5 Secrets about the Model

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The Bachelor contestant Courtney Robertson is causing quite the buzz, especially because it seems than Ben Flajnik has fallen hard for the model. And it seems she isn’t as into him as he is her. In fact, it seems she is more about ‘winning’ than finding ‘the one.’ And now Wetpaint Entertainment has done a little digging and found five things about Courtney that viewers of the show may not know about this season’s frontrunner.

the bachelor logo21 300x204 The Bachelor Spoilers: Reality Steve Got it Wrong! Who Brad Womack Is Really Engaged To!Courtney didn’t lie about being a model. She is indeed a working model, signed with Ford Models in Los Angeles. She even had a cover for Fitness Magazine in April of last year and had some commercial work. Oh, and the rumor that she dated Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives is true! They dated back in 2005 and if you look closely at the EMMY Awards of that year, you will see them together! But he is reportedly disgusted that she is using his name to get attention on the show. Ah, well you can’t have it all!

A third fact about this The Bachelor is that her mother doesn’t think Ben is up to par when it comes to Courtney’s ex-boyfriends. She is a model and has dated hot men in the past, but her mother doesn’t think Ben’s looks can compete with some of her previous men. “She’s dated some really good-looking men,” shared her mother. Perhaps they need to learn that they shouldn’t judge on appearances. The fourth fact about this beauty is that she is in love with the idea of love. Oh, where have we heard that before? Kim Kardashian was in love with the idea of love, which led to a 72-day marriage and a very public and bitter divorce. Is this relationship doomed once the cameras are turned off?

The last secret about this The Bachelor contestant is her need for a 2-carat diamond ring – because she thinks she is worth it. “I think wedding rings look pretty amazing on me, actually. I could see a big rock on there. I know what I want and I think 2 carats is, you know, I just want a ring. I’m worth it,” she said on the show. Yikes! This could all end up being horrible for Ben; an expensive ring, a less than supportive mother-in-law, a model who is love with the idea of love and a famous ex who could lash out in the media for her using his name.

What are your opinions of Courtney?

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