‘Bachelor’ Courtney’s Best Friend Defends Manipulative Personality

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The Bachelor producers are probably editing things out to put emphasis on others that aren’t necessarily favorable for Courtney Robertson. She has been labeled this season’s villain and the women on the show aren’t happy about her presence and hunt for love. Although tabloids have been digging around to find dirt on her, her former boyfriend and her best friend have spoken out to defend this dark-haired contestant.

The-bachelor.jpgAnd Carrie Tivador, Courtney’s best friend, explains that Courtney is completely devastated by all the negative press and isn’t watching the show every week. “I know she’s not watching the show anymore, it upsets her. I’m amazed how seriously people are taking all this,” Carrie tells Wetpaint Entertainment.

So if Courtney isn’t on The Bachelor to win and look bad, then why? Carrie explains that Courtney’s motive for going on the show is that she is indeed a hopeless romantic. She wasn’t looking for fame, she just wanted that someone special. In addition, Carrie explains that the person viewers are seeing each Monday night is not the Courtney she knows. Her friend isn’t manipulative; she is just spontaneous which is why she decided to go skinny dipping with Ben Flajnik. It wasn’t as evil and planned out as everyone believes.

“I think the producers want a good story, so they’re editing the footage to make one. In reality, Courtney’s really playful and sarcastic and fun. She also said and did a lot of nice things for the other girls, but that’s not being shown. And you don’t see how badly the other girls ganged up on her. They see how much Ben likes her and, to be honest, some of them were downright cruel. To me, Emily seems like the ringleader,” Carrie explains in defending her friend. Sure, Emily is ganging up on Courtney, but Courtney tells her to bring it on. What is Emily supposed to do?

Does Carrie’s explanation of her best friend change your mind of Courtney? It seems like a desperate attempt to clear her name, but her actions on the show speak volumes.

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