‘Bachelor’ Jake Pavelka’s New Squeeze

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Earlier this summer, the eyes of fans of ABC’s “The Bachelor” were all trained on the break-up of Jake Pavelka and his fiancé Vienna Girardi. The relationship ended very badly back in June, and accusations were tossed from both sides. A post break-up interview during “The Bachelorette” scored big ratings for the network as Vienna stormed off in tears from the set.

Last month, Jake said he would take his time finding love again, but now there is word of a new romance for “The Bachelor” star. This trumps the rumors that he had asked for another go round as the bachelor when the series returns to ABC in January. Doubtful that ABC would even allow him to do that, even if they are still searching for their next back. Chris Lambton still seems to be holding out on ABC.

Apparently, Jake is currently dating a woman named Heather. She is a LA based marketing executive, and the pair were introduced by friend Brooke Burke. Jake met Burke while dancing on “Dancing with the Stars” last season. The relation is still very new, but the pair have been dating for about five weeks now. A source that spotted the pair out had this to say: “Her eyes never left him. She was following him around like a puppy dog.”

Not the best image to give the new woman in Jake’s life, is it? What do you think? Has Jake finally moved on from Vienna? If so, good for him! About time really. For the latest in television news, go here.

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