"Bachelor" Jason: You're a Douche!

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Single Mom Seeking followed Twitter during last night’s “Bachelor” … and the tweets were brutal!

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I’ve never in my life heard one man called a “douche” so many times in the span of two hours.

As I watched the oh-so-dramatic finale of “The Bachelor” last night, I simultaneously followed Twitter online.

In case you missed the climatic ending, “Jimmy Kimmel” put it well last night, following the “After the Final Rose Ceremony, ” saying Jason Mesnick, the first-ever single dad Bachelor, “proposed to the love of his life, and then an hour later dumped her to go out with the other love of his life.”

Ouch. Because Jason had signed away his right to privacy when he became the Bachelor, he had to dump Melissa on live television — before professing his love to Molly.

“What a douche bag,” Rachel, aka “The Candy Queen,” wrote.

This Tweeter practically had me on the floor with her entertaining, honest criticism.

The Candy Queen went on to call Jason a “douche bag, douche candy, douche ball.”

And she wasn’t alone.

Every 30 seconds, someone else on Twitter was calling him a “douche” – along with “loser,” “low class,” and “insensitive.”

(Not to go off on a tangent, but isn’t “douche” an odd insult for a man? Is referring to a man as a cleanser for a woman’s yoni really such a bad thing?)

“Maybe he just wanted to bone them both,” The Candy Queen said. “How could you really be in love with two people at the same time? Has that happened to anyone out there?”

Uh, no. How about you?

“Melissa is incredible, sweet, and beautiful,” Jason said last night during the finale. “But since this all ended, things have been different. We’re not right for each other.”

“Over the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Molly,” he continued. “As soon as she left, I felt like a huge piece of me was gone.”

As Jason went on to chuck Melissa on national TV, host Chris Harrison — who looked like he might laugh or cry — doubled as a couple’s therapist. He gently tried to coach Jason to break up with Melissa, followed by the reunion with Molly.

“I could not do Chris Harrison’s job,” said The Candy Queen. “It’s completely unethical”

To her credit, Melissa gets praise for handling this public humiliation with utmost maturity. I cheered her on when she muttered “bastard” under her breath. Did you?

No one seems to have empathy for Jason — except maybe his family? (Jason’s mom had seemed concerned about the fact that Molly was had a career, and therefore might not be a good mother.)

Lastly, I’d love know:

Did it annoy anyone else when Jason referred to every woman on Monday night as “a girl”?

Hello? If you’re really hoping to find a life partner and step-mother, then we’d hope you’d have your sights out for “a woman.”

Secondly, do you think that Jason had to give Melissa’s engagement ring back to ABC?

When he proposes to Molly, will he have to fork over his own dough for a second engagement ring? Do you even care?

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