‘Bachelor Pad’ 2012 Love Match: Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox?

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Even though Bachelor Pad is only in its third week as far as airing is concerned, a love match may have already developed that continued throughout the reality show and straight into real life.

According to one source, Kalon McMahon–the sinister member of Emily Maynard’s men on The Bachelorette for 2012 who called her daughter Ricki “garbage” and was thrown off the show while the group was in London — seems to have hooked up with Lindzi Cox — the flirty and very pretty Washington state business consultant contestant from the Ben Flajnik season of The Bachelor.

So, are these two really a “new hot couple taking Bachelor Nation by storm?”

Apparently, so. Well, apparently maybe.

The two linked up on BP3 as a team but now Kalon is posting positive superlatives about Lindzi on the Internet even after Bachelor Pad executives put the show in the can earlier this summer.

However, just recently Lindzi and Kalon, who may or may not be an item, were seen at a place called Blue Martini Lounge located in Bellevue, Washington. And, guess what? Bellevue is where Lindzi lives.

With that said and reported, not only were these scene-makers seen, but they were spotted behaving like more than just friends while out and about in this lovely Washington outpost. In other words, they were “getting cozy.”

So, apparently but not for sure, it is possible that Bachelor Pad 2012 has made a real live love match between the sometimes impossible Kalon McMahon and the lovely Lindzi Cox. Wow. Will wonders never cease? And if they do or een if they don’t, what do you think about this particular pairing? Good, bad, or do you have no interest whatsoever in this possible BP3 made-on-TV hook-up? Please weigh in.

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