‘Bachelor Pad’ 2012 Recap: Emily Maynard’s Chris Bukowski is a Casanova on July 24

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At the start of Bachelor Pad for 2012, Bachelorette finalist Chris Bukowski from Chicago showed up to join in the fun and the competition. Little did he anticipate how he would be steered to play the game until one veteran decided to show him the ropes.

Before discussing what happened, here’s a reminder of who Chris is and what he did prior to this show: The hunky guy from the Windy City was just on Emily Maynard’s run of The Bachelorette. In fact, he made it all the way to the hometown dates before the girl in charge gave him the old heave-ho (see recap here).

So, Bukowski may not be ready to love just yet, still being heartbroken after falling in love with Emily and then being ousted so close to the finish line. But lust is always an option, especially when it comes to participating in Bachelor Pad.

That’s where Blakely Shea Jones comes in. She is a tried-and-true member of The Bachelor franchise, she’s a fierce competitor, and she has decided to pair up for Chris. So, when the two aligned, she told this initiated member of the 2012 cast that he has to focus on the win, not on the women.

But Bukowski is one popular dude. As such, he’s nearly hunted down by certain members of the opposite sex who are vying for someone to love as well as for the $250,000 prize offered this year on BP3.

That said, one of these women gets her wish when she seeks out Chris and the two end up in an intimate make-out session. That lucky lady is Jamie Otis from the Ben Flajnik season of The Bachelor.

Indeed, she and Chris are getting cozy in one of the BP3 mansion’s bedrooms when Blakely storms in, interrupting the action and stating her disappointment in Chris. He seems a bit concerned and explains that he is somewhat afraid of his newly established partner.

And so it goes as the drama already heats on Bachelor Pad for the third season in 2012 when Emily Maynard’s Chris Bukowski becomes somewhat of a Casanova right off the bat. Stay tuned for more fun and strategy to come on this ABC reality show.

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