‘Bachelor Pad’ 2012 Recap: Who Was Sent Packing on August 27?

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At the start of Bachelor Pad this week, 10 contestants were left to battle it out for the $250,000. And with two eliminations in the offing, Chris Harrison announced a change in the game: Now couples will be taken down at the same time. In other words, two contestants who have joined each other to compete will be considered as one when it comes to who gets booted off the show.

Not fun, especially for Rachel Truehart who lost her partner last week when her crush and partner Michael Stagliano was ripped out of the fold in a dramatic ending. The aftermath has not been pretty for Rachel, who is left to hook up with the only other single contestant in the house. That would be Nick Peterson (review details here).

Still, Rachel trudges on, trying hard to go gangbusters at the most recent game the whole group must play: the BP spelling bee. Unfortunately, she and Peterson don’t win or even come close. Instead, it’s Chris and Sarah and Ed and Jaclyn who get to the end to suffer through a spell-off that ultimately belongs to Chris and Sarah, the third lover Bukowski has had since Bachelor Pad 3 began. Needless to say, this Casanova has his detractors and so if he didn’t win this challenge he would probably be toast. That’s a big whew for Chris and Sarah.

That said, when the two go out on a date because of their win, Chris confesses he’s still recovering from his love affair gone sour with Emily Maynard during the 2012 season of The Bachelorette. Sarah seems to understand and has fun with her guy in a pond and at a picnic in the wilds of California.

Meanwhile, back at the pad, Rachel is still licking her wounds after becoming a “widow” on the show since Stagliano is now no longer by her side. She threatens to leave but her pals talk her into staying and playing the game.

As for the other date, well Ed and Jaclyn go off to visit stunning Southern California islands that look a lot like paradise. However, during their time together on their own without the other players to interfere, Ed spills that he had been dating someone before he left for this stint on Bachelor Pad. This makes Jaclyn feel like a tramp. Not good. Still, the pretty blonde decides to cast caution to the wind and decides to keep on keeping on with Ed. What? Oh well, to each his or her own.

Meanwhile, not privy to a date since she can’t spell, Blakely is surprised by Tony who has set up a romantic evening for the two at the house where they are staying. Blakely is surprised and seems to be getting along with her partner in a big way, all but forgetting her bad experience with Chris Bukowski, her former partner and paramour.

Then, to add to her joy, Ed and Jaclyn — who are told they get to pick another couple to get an early rose to avoid elimination — choose Blakely and Tony. Wow. These two seem to have had some special fairy dust scattered over their heads, making them come out on top during Bachelor Pad this week.

That said, another couple has to go and when it comes to the final rose ceremony, it’s very smug Kalon and his partner Lindzi who are shown the door. Sad? Kind of, but Kalon is a bit hard to take. Lindzi’s sweet though and maybe she can teach Kalon to be a better person now that these two are free agents as far as BP is concerned. What do you think?

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