‘Bachelor Pad’ 2012 Recap: Who was voted off August 6 for season 3?

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Bachelor Pad is starting to heat up as the competition becomes fierce both in the house and during the challenges. While love (or, more accurately, lust) continues at the mansion, a new athletic game has entered the scene on ABC with Chris Harrison making the men and women take on an obstacle course made of sweets—as in candy and other delightful dessert treats.

Dubbed Hot Sludge Funday, this path of froth makes the females of the group push through pink foam, slide down a hot fudge hill, and get on their knees to slosh their way through whipped cream. At that point, these messy women hobble over to their partners—who were not the partners they originally picked because Harrison mixed it up a bit—so that the men can go through the course starting with the whipped cream first and contining backwards from the way the women took on this activity.

The end for the men is considered a photo finish, so Chris Harrison says he has to view the tape to see if Michael or Dave took the cake, so to speak. Dave eventually gets the win and, thus, the date with three different women, obviously one of his dream’s come true. As for last place, Ed takes that honor since he can’t quite get a grasp on the hot fudge wall, and so he doesn’t finish at all since he gave up and walked around that particular obstacle.

So much for the sticky stuff for this competitor which is a sad state of affairs for Jamie, his partner, who actually won for the women. But, because Ed wasn’t on his game, both get penalized with a point against each going into the rose ceremony. With that said, don’t give up hope on these two popular competitiors because there’s a lot of strategy (and back-stabbing) going on during Bachelor Pad this week.

With that in mind, and continuing on with the recap, Blakely gets up in Dave’s ear to get him to give her a spot (and, hopefully, the rose) on his date. She states that since she took this super fan on her group date last week, he should do the same. Yes, fair is fair for this fierce member of the women’s team who will not take being left out by lying down.

As it turns out, Dave does what he is told and takes Blakeley, Jamie, and Erica out for the evening. Their limo dumps off this motley crew at a night spot turned prom palace where everyone gets a chance to live or re-live their special evening in high school when probably none of the folks involved were in line to be crowned king or queen of the big dance.

Meanwhile, country star Katie Arminger is on hand to step up the mood which Dave is relishing just a little too much. He takes Jamie aside, and she tells her new beau that she didn’t get to go to her senior prom since that was “when [her] mom started to disappear for a weekend…” Tears fall and Dave falls for this line, picking Jamie and saving her from nearly being sent home after her disaster during the fudge and foam competition.

Soon it’s time for the next date, so Rachel picks Nick, Michael, and Tony to go to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum on Hollywood Boulevard. There, the group is startled by Chris Harrison in wax who is really Chris Harrison for real. After they get creeped out by this concept, the host convinces the four of them to become a live exhibit; during which time visitors get to come in and see them as frozen figures who in the end scare their fans when they break character. That latex makeup sure is creepy.

The fans are all over Michael as soon as they find out these guys are for real and not made of wax. As for Tony, well he gets dumped on a bit too much with one of the women saying he is “pathetic.” Sad. Also sad is the fact that Rachel gives the rose to Michael.

Flash forward to the evening of the impending rose ceremony when Reid makes dastardly plans to rid Ed and Blakeley. As it turns out, his sneaky way of playing the game backfires, and Reid is the guy who is asked to leave.

The girl who is axed is Donna, the woman Kalon was able to give the chop because he ended up being the one who had the power of the swing vote. His vote was already meant to be since he had been trying to get Donna voted out of the house anyway. He just didn’t want this super fan around any longer even though he probably enjoyed that she was all about prancing around in her bikini. Still, when the time came to pick, she was simply not better at playing the game than Blakeley, the other person in jeopardy.

And so, at the end of the day, Dave remains the only super fan on Bachelor Pad as week three came to a close with some super players left in the mansion to duke it out next week on ABC. With that said, stay tuned. You never know what will happen on this kind of confusing summer reality show that airs Mondays on ABC.

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