‘Bachelor Pad’ 2012 Spoilers and Predictions for August 13

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This week on Bachelor Pad, the spoilers and predictions are running rampant among the pundits and fans of this TV reality show about love, lust, competition, finageling, and a lot of money (as in $250,000 to the winner).

For starters, the big challenge of the week is a bit like “Truth or Dare” without the dare part as contestants are forced to answer controversial questions about each other regarding who is the most fake in order to win a rose and a one-on-one date. Both a guy and a girl get to enjoy victory after playing this uncomfortable game.

One of the dates means the winner and her pick get to play ball at Dodger Stadium while the other means a movie adventure for the newly appointed duo that takes place in downtown Los Angeles.

Chris Bukowski wins the first one-on-one, and although Jamie and Blakeley are pretty sure this make-out man from Chicago will pick each of them, he does not. Instead, he picks Sarah. As he puts it, “Out with the old, in with the new….it’s like buying a new car.”

And so Chris and his new car obviously lust for each other more than the movies (and making an action movie fight when she kicks him in the face) and when given the option to overnight together, they allegedly take the option. What a surprise–not. However, that said, Chris may have met his match because some pundits say he stays with Sarah at least until the Bachelor Pad finale.

Meanwhile, Jaclyn and Ed, who are a couple as they go into this week’s competition, continue to be a couple when Jaclyn wins the one-on-one date.

When the pair reach Dodger Stadium, they realize they are the only ones there. They are given their own Dodger uniforms and their own bats and balls but, beyond trying out the National Anthem on the stadium’s sound system, what they do at the ball park and afterward remains to be seen. That said, chances are these two who have chemistry and then some will, indeed, partake of the overnight retreat.

Back at the pad, Kalon is up apparently up to his old tricks while Chris wants his ball and chain (Blakely) gone this week. Or so it seems. That said, it seems that pundits and spoiler experts predict that Jamie Otis and Dave Mallet are the Bachelor Pad rejects on week four.

Not sure? Watch Monday on ABC to see what actually happens after all these spoilers and predictions. Or, make up some of your own and weigh in below.

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